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Bruno’s Elan Stair Lift Chairs – Features and Benefits

Bruno’s Elan stair lift is a high quality, stylish, and easy to use stairlift that is ideal for home and office setups. It has an easy to operate design that allows anybody to use it to move up and down the stairs.

And, its narrow vertical design leaves plenty of open space so that other family members can still use the steps. However, it is always advisable to let a professional installer first make an assessment of stairs to determine the best equipment and design to suit your unique needs.

Today, high-quality Bruno stairlifts are among the best due to their reliability and performance. There are usually straight and curved designs as well as other customization options to fit all types of stairs designs. This provides customers with a wide range of choices including wide, narrow, curved, or straight.

Elan stair Lift Benefits and features

Generally, the stairlift chairs make moving up and down the stairs much easier. In addition to this, Alan stairlifts provide many benefits. These include;

  • Smooth, easy to use and reliable
  • A space-saving design and ability to install it close to the wall
  • A quiet and smooth ride
  • The offset swivel seat that swivels and extends away from the steps
  • Backup battery hence ability to operate during power outages
  • Small footprint when seat, footrest, and arms are folded (ultra-compact)
  • Obstruction sensors for enhanced safety
  • Retractable seatbelt for extra safety
  • Covered gear rack on the vertical rail for a clean appearance.
  • Custom colors to suit your indoor colors and environment

Elan Stairlift options

Bruno’s Elan stair lifts are available in three main options.

Power Swivel seat

The control for this is either wireless or on the chair arm.

Bruno Elan Stair lift power seat
Power Swivel seat

Folding Rail

These are suitable when there is a doorway at teh bottom of the stairs as well as when the doorway is narrow.

Bruno Folding Rails Stair Lift
Folding rail stair lift

The model is available as either a powered or manually folding version.

Power folding footrest

This has a footrest that flips up or down when the seat is raised or lowered respectively.

Bruno Elan Power Footrest Stair Lift
Power folding footrest

By default, this is a powered feature. However, it comes with an optional switch control on the arm.

Although the stair lift chairs are powered by electricity, they consume very little, hence no need to fear high bills. The stair lifts also have rechargeable batteries that provide power when there is an outage. This ensures uninterruptible operations at all times.

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